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American Association of Pediatrics recommends screening for various developmental delays in children, but it does not explicitly recommend a tool for screening social and emotional development at well-child checks (WCCs). Therefore, provider self-efficacy (SE) is lacking, and screening rarely occurs. This quality improvement (QI) project sought to improve healthcare provider SE using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2), an evidence-based practice screening tool for identifying such delays in children at 30–60-month WCC visits.At rural healthcare centers in San Luis Obispo, California, participants completed the Self-Efficacy Twelve Questionnaire prior to and 30 days following a training intervention. While the questionnaire assessed a provider’s perceived SE for social and emotional developmental screening in children at WCC visits, the training intervention—handouts and online activitie — reinforced practices to improve provider SE in conducting these evaluations. In comparing pre and posttraining scores, the intervention had a statistically significant effect on provider SE using the ASQ:SE-2 to screen for and identify social and emotional development in 30–60-month-olds, improving patient outcomes with earlier referrals to intervention services. The QI project also determined providers with the most negligible improvement in SE after the training intervention had a baseline preintervention SE score above 100. The limitations of this pilot project were the small sample size, provider difficulty completing the intervention due to the pandemic (i.e., lack of time and patient volume), lack of early intervention service providers, and lack of expedited referrals. Keywords: Ages and Stages: Social-Emotional, ASQ:SE-2, Self-efficacy, SE-12 Questionnaire


Ages and Stages: Social Emotional; ASQ:SE-2; SE-12 Questionnaire; Self-efficacy



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