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Teaching and Learning

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The purpose of this sociocultural study was to analyze the lived experiences of exemplary teachers who teach on a military base school. By teaching a lesser-known diverse group of students who are children of military families, the teachers in this study shared the sociocultural perspective of Vygotsky’s perezhivanie of the adjustment to how they approach classroom management and facilitate student learning despite the differences in teaching children of military families. The dissertation employed qualitative methodology using in-depth interviews with six teacher participants and a triangulation interview with the school principal. The findings are discussed in relation to classroom management strategies employed due to factors that influence the military lifestyle. The data revealed that because students of military families face unique challenges at home such as frequent transiency, trauma due to inconsistent home-life, or strong emotional disorders, the teachers at this military base school have specific classroom management strategies to facilitate learning in their classrooms. The data also revealed that these specific classroom management strategies were developed over time spent with this unique group of students and the teachers faced a shift in the way they approached classroom management coming from schools where the population was not military-affiliated.


classroom management; military students


Education | Educational Sociology

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