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Several studies have investigated the effect of sensory deprivation, particularly sight. However, very few have demonstrated the impact of sight deprivation while exercising to cadence blindfolded. This study aimed to determine exercise performance during a common muscular endurance evaluation, the YMCA Bench Press Test (YBPT), while blindfolded compared to a sighted condition. Twenty-five healthy participants (11 male, 14 female, 168 ± 7.7cm, 68 ± 11.7kg, 23 ± 7.5% fat mass) were recruited from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas student populations and communities. After a YBPT familiarization session, participants completed testing in a counterbalanced order, following the same procedures. A paired-samples t-test was used to determine whether there was a statistically significant difference between sighted and blindfolded conditions. There was a difference in the number of repetitions performed wearing a blindfold, 31.48 ± 14.08 compared to not wearing a blindfold, 30.6 ± 14.2, (t(24) = 2.397, p = .025, d= .479). Wearing a blindfold elicited an increase in total kilograms lifted, 753.6 ± 375.4, compared to not wearing a blindfold, 725.7 ± 364.7, t(24) = 2.514, p = .019, d=0.503. Small ES were noted for heart rate during PRE, INTRA, and POST at d=.21, d=.28, and d=.37, respectively. ES was small for PRE VE, d=.21, PRE RER, d=.29, POST VO2, d=.25, and POST VCO2, d=.24. While the blindfold condition did not affect metabolism, performance measures were enhanced. These findings provide evidence that increases in repetitions and overall workload occur while wearing a blindfold during muscular endurance testing (YBPT).Keywords: blindfold, VO2, weight lifting, muscular endurance


blindfold; muscular endurance; VO2; weight lifting


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