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This document intends to explore Yusef Lateef`s expressiveness applied to oboe performance in order to contribute to the expansion of the language of oboe playing and oboe teaching. A thorough review of the literature suggests a lack of studies about the oboe as a principal instrument in genres other than classical music; particularly jazz, blues and popular music. We live in a time that questions the boundaries of all genres. Because improvisation is at the heart of genres like jazz and blues, educators are beginning to stress the importance of teaching improvisation to all musicians. Yusef Lateef’s concept and method of autophysiopsychic music is an example of an approach to teaching music this way. One of the questions raised during the research is: can autophysiopsychic music be idiomatic to oboe playing and if so, which methods could be most effective in order to teach and learn Lateef’s music and language? This document reviews three of Yusef Lateef’s own method books and discusses how they can be relevant for oboists: “Method on How to Perform Autophysiopsychic Music”, “Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns", and the “Flute Book of the Blues.” These writings, combined with the listening and watching of his performances, as well as the musical analysis of his published music, show that oboe playing and his repertoire are very suitable together and accessible to oboe players (both professionals and students). The study of those methods not only provides the player with the technical, harmonic, and creative skills to develop the ability to play his music, but also teaches the philosophical aspect of what the composer believed to be part of the final product. This document also includes the first complete listing of all of Lateef’s recordings for oboe, as well as interviews with musicians who worked with Lateef.


Autophysiopsychic; Blues; Improvisation; Music; Oboe; Yusef Lateef



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