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Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are two common conditions diagnosed in the primary care setting. Both conditions benefit from a healthy lifestyle, managing blood sugar levels, and getting diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES). Within the past two decades, the healthcare community in the US has witnessed a substantial rise in diabetes among adults. Overall, the self-management of diabetes continues to worsen nationally. The purpose of this project is to improve patients’ self-management of both Prediabetes and T2DM through nutrition and show how nutritional counseling via telehealth provided by a nurse practitioner can improve HgbA1C values over 3 months. The quality improvement project included 34 patients randomized into two groups, and three 30 minute nutritional counseling sessions once a month for 3 months. The level of patient readiness was assessed using the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change. Results showed nutritional counseling provided via telehealth by a nurse practitioner improved patients’ hemoglobin AIC values in 3 months. The methods of improving diabetic self-management followed the DSMES toolkit (CDC, 2021) and the American Diabetes Association (2022), Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. These findings align with the literature stating integrating a diabetes self-management and support (DSMES) program is important for patients to self-manage their diabetes condition with confidence and provide a foundation for improving the management of their disease; in addition, this project showed success in lowering HgbA1C in T2DM and Prediabetes using telehealth nurse-led nutritional counseling.


Education; HgbA1C; Nurse Practitioner; Nutrition; Prediabetes; Type 2 Diabetes


Nursing | Nutrition | Science and Mathematics Education

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