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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Advance care planning (ACP) involves discussions between the patient and their care providers and those close to them about future care. Every patient is entitled to ACP; however, research has shown that providers do not regularly implement them for various reasons. In addition, multiple barriers may be preventing providers from initiating ACP. Among them are lack of knowledge and confidence, apprehension, time, and fear. This Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) addresses the problematic barriers to regular ACP discussions between providers and the patients. Specifically, the purpose of this DNP project is to develop, implement and evaluate an online module to improve healthcare providers' knowledge and self-efficacy in facilitating ACP discussions with their patients.To accomplish the above purpose, an education training which consisted of a pre-test/post-test was conducted. In addition to the education training, an assessment utilizing the ACP-SE survey was administered to measure participants perceived self-efficacy before and after the education. The goal was to improve ACP awareness for health care providers, thereby increasing self-efficacy in facilitating these conversations. The overall results demonstrated positive gains in perceived self-efficacy, knowledge gain, and positive evaluations of the online education training. The implications of this DNP project confirmed there remains a need to educate and build health care workers' self-efficacy as it relates to advance care planning and goals of care discussions. Improving the providers' capacity to facilitate ACP may improve patient-centered communication of end-of-life care discussions.


ACP-SE; Advance Care Planning; Goals of Care Planning; Healthcare Providers



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