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Teaching and Learning

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The present grant funded study by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects investigated the effects of a chronological multicultural mathematics (CMM) framework on math identity and math achievement of student participants enrolled in two virtual post-secondary developmental math courses (N=9). The students were selected due to an inability to pass previous developmental courses or the placement exam to earn entrance into credit bearing math courses. An exploratory mixed methods case study utilized interviews, reflections, surveys, classwork, and grades to arrive at conclusions. Student participants were exposed to supplemental additions to the curriculum that provided elements of past (founders and origins of math topics), present (current vocations and professionals that utilize the content), and future (alternative uses of content in different fields) to provide context to the content. In depth narrative interviews allowed students ample time to reflect on their autobiographies as doers of mathematics. A parallel convergent analysis was utilized to combine quantitative and qualitative measures to determine significant development of math identity and math achievement of the student participants. The CMM framework was able to significantly develop student’s math identity and led to high math achievement. In addition, math identity surveys were able to significantly predict increases in math performance. Math educators of developmental courses can benefit students by including identity building elements through reflection activities, autobiography writing, and adopting a CMM framework.


Chronological Mathematics; Developmental Math Courses; Historical Mathematics; Math Identity; Mathematics Reform


Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Educational Methods | Instructional Media Design

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