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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Kathleen Thimsen

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Necole Leland

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Christopher Cochran

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is an effective public health tool to decrease the rates of HPV-related cancers in our communities. Vaccine hesitancy can undermine this effort, and interventions are needed to inform and assist individuals/parents in decision-making to receive vaccines. The COVID-19 pandemic and newly developed vaccines have increased attention and made families hesitant about vaccines. Receiving a provider's strong recommendation for the vaccine is one of the strongest predictors of HPV vaccine uptake. However, not all providers have the knowledge and skills to provide the best approach for families and patients. The primary communication method has been the presumptive approach. However, this may not work well with vaccine-hesitant individuals. Would another evidence-based approach, such as motivational interviewing (MI), improve vaccine uptake? A study analysis showed that the presumptive strategy remains proven; however, the MI communication strategy was less proven. However, an evidence-based intervention, DOSE HPV, endorsed by the National Cancer Institute showed promise. This DNP project implemented a quality improvement project in a public immunization clinic using the DOSE HPV model as a framework. The project purpose aimed to improve HPV vaccination rates in individuals aged 11-24 years. Staff participants received education on HPV 101 and two communication strategies, presumptive and MI approaches. The project data demonstrated a 5% increase in vaccine uptake for those aged 11-12 years and staff participants rated the educational presentation favorably. This DNP project potentially may be duplicated to include other vaccines, especially the COVID vaccine or other applications changing health behavior.


Immunization; Motivational Interviewing; Quality Improvement


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing | Public Health

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