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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Wyoming is thought of as an empty space; a spot on the map that one must travel through in order to get to their true destination. Growing up in this “nothing” state, I found it to be a very different place. There was adventure, beauty, danger, and death, and I loved every inch of it. This piece is a creative exploration of what it means to live in Wyoming not only as a child, but as a girl and a woman, as an individual and as a community, as the apex species as well as the bottom rung of the food chain. Wyoming produces a very distinct type of person. My father became rigid and frightened of the land and I explore how this happened through the stories he told me and by the way he behaved around the land. I didn’t know exactly how the land molded me. So I explore myself through my family, community, and the land I grew up with in this piece. Each chapter details different moments within my childhood and within my family that encapsulates what it takes to survive in such a strange and harsh environment and how it molded me into the person I have become. These moments range from a young girl jumping into a rushing river after a dog to a natural hunter who cannot stand the thought of death. Even in these pages, I’m not sure I can decipher who I have become, but the connection between me and Wyoming is ever present.


Abuse; Family; Landscape; Memoir; Silence; Wyoming


Creative Writing

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