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Master of Science in Hotel Administration


William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

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Dr. Christine Bergman

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The acute shortage of manpower in hospitality workforce has been a persistent problem in Singapore throughout these years which adversely affects both the managerial and lower-skilled occupational groups of employees. The pandemic has further accelerated human resource issues across the country in 2020. It particularly hits the hospitality industry hard since hotel businesses are highly human-centric and the unprecedented world event has adversely resulted in severe manpower leakages and a dilution of talent pool. This paper will analyze the reasons, severity and impact of the manpower shortage within the hospitality industry in Singapore, focusing on service quality. Lastly, the author will provide recommendations based on exploratory research to mitigate the labor shortage issue. These recommendations include working with external agencies to equip their organizations with qualified and skilled workers, creating career paths and cross-trainings to retain talents, making training program mandatory, devising job re- creation to assist mature workers, and creating meaningful jobs to retain employees by increasing their satisfaction towards their jobs in the long run.


Labor shortages; Service quality; COVID-19; Singapore hospitality industry; Employee capabilities

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Labor; Hospitality Industry--Management


Hospitality Administration and Management | Labor Relations

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