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Physical Therapy

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Fine artists performing at the collegiate level are at a high risk for developing performance related musculoskeletal injuries due to the unique physical demands and repetitive nature of their movements. Previous research has reported incidence rates as high as 81% and 62% for student dancers and musicians respectively. Despite the high injury rates, research has shown that student performers underreport injuries and are reluctant to seek medical management from health professionals due to unhealthy beliefs and attitudes often held by this population as well as the lack of specialized healthcare. The goal of the UNLV College of Fine Arts (CFA) Clinic for Health and Injury Prevention (CHIP) was to establish a functioning clinic and provide free, specialized health services that include dance injury risk screenings, physical therapy evaluations, and physical therapy treatments to students enrolled in the CFA. After attending in person classes and posting flyers, we were contacted by 20 students to perform either a dance screening or physical therapy evaluation. Intake forms and objective outcome measures were provided to assess progress. Out of the 14 students that received physical therapy evaluations, five verbally reported a decrease in pain, three met the minimal clinically important difference, and five either were not readministered an outcome measure or did not attend therapy consistently enough to be readministered an outcome measure. Through outcome measures, verbal feedback, and patient testimonials we were able to show that the CFA CHIP had a positive impact for patients by reducing pain and improving function. In addition to the service provided to the CFA, the student physical therapists involved received additional real-world experience and opportunities to strengthen their clinical skills.


Performing Arts Clinic; Physical Therapy; University-Based Clinic


Physical Therapy

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