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The history of the development of the genre of chamber and instrumental sonata in Ukraine as a bright and original phenomenon is very rich, but is understudied by researchers around the world. The data for this study was collected through analyzing sonatas for violin and piano written in the 20th century, in particular, the works by Viktor Kosenko (1896-1938), Borys Lyatoshynsky (1895-1968), Naum Lapynsky (1900-1960), Myroslav Skoryk (1938- 2020) and Mykola Silvansky (1916-1985). The fact that the performance features of the sonatas by Naum Lapynsky and Mykola Silvansky are studied for the first time in the Ukrainian musicology allows to expand the understanding of the genre of the Ukrainian sonata of the 20th century.Due to the small number of musicians, the genre of chamber works is variable in the ways of performance, because it is easier than in monumental genres to reveal individual, specific timbre features of each instrument and to find new means of sound production. Despite numerous multifaceted influences from the outside on the genre of the Ukrainian chamber and instrumental sonata, such as romantic expressionism, urbanism, neoclassicism, impressionistic tendencies, its individual stylistic originality remains unchanged and stands apart in the world history of the development of the genre. The qualitative continuation of the established trends, in particular in the direction of Ukrainian neo-folklorism, along with the emergence of new language and stylistic means, can be seen in the development of the Ukrainian sonata of the considered period.

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Sonatas (Violin);Sonatas (Violin and piano);Ukrainians--Music;


History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Other Music | Theatre and Performance Studies

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