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Disturbance can come in many different forms. In our studies, we looked at the impact of a solar photovoltaic facility on native plants growing inside and outside of the facility, alteration in precipitation (simulated) on four native shrubs and the impact of applying supplemental water as a function of volume and frequency to establish native shrubs such as might occur at restoration sites. Disturbance is becoming a more common phenomenon in many ecosystems throughout the world, increasing the need for studies that quantify the impact at the plant and ecosystem level. Each research project revealed different plant responses, such as at the solar facility where leaf xylem water potential was found to be significantly more negative outside the facility versus inside the facility (p0.05) indicating tight regulation of plant water status by all four species. A calculated plant water stress index was found to be higher in the -25% treatment compared to the 200% treatment in all species (p


Climate Change; Encelia farinosa; Larrea tridentata; Precipitation manipulation; Restoration; Solar Energy Facility


Biology | Environmental Sciences | Plant Sciences | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology

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