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May 2023

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Occupational Therapy Doctorate


Brain Health

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Donnamarie Krause

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Jefferson Kinney

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This manuscript describes a quality improvement project completed by a student in the University of Nevada Las Vegas Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program. The project tests the efficacy of an educational toolkit for occupational therapists staffed at an acute care hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, to increase their perceived knowledge of and ability to educate families on conservative management techniques for pediatric reflux management. Results indicate that the toolkit demonstrated efficacy in achieving this objective. The toolkit provided useful staff education and parent handouts for the occupational therapists to utilize in patient care as appropriate. This project’s ultimate aim was to promote the utilization of highly effective, evidence-based occupational therapy interventions for hospitalized infant and child patients experiencing gastroesophageal reflux. This manuscript describes the project’s background, methods, and results- which may help to inform future capstone projects, research endeavors, and occupational therapy practice. Particularly those completed in the fields of infant and pediatric feeding therapy.


Infants; Occupational Therapy; Parent Education; Pediatrics; Reflux; Staff Education


Occupational Therapy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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