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May 2023

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Master of Arts (MA)


Criminal Justice

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Margaret Alexis Kennedy

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Emily Troshynski

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Alexandra Nur

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Rebecca Bosetti

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The prevalence of childhood sexual abuse is difficult to assess but research is growing on possible long-term consequences of this victimization. Two areas of concern are potential repeat victimization and changed attitudes toward the coercive nature of sexuality. Children who have their sexual boundaries violated at a young age may be more likely to experience sexual assault later in life (Scoglio et al., 2021). Research continues to confirm that many sexual abusers were in fact abused themselves as children (King et al., 2019). This research seeks to make connections between these experiences of sexual victimization and support for coercive sexual attitudes. Among 774 undergraduates at a large Southwestern university, 33% of the female students and 18% of the male students reported childhood sexual abuse. Their attitudes towards coercive sexuality will be considered in regard to past victimizations.


Coercion; Coercive Sexuality; Emotional Abuse; Gender; Sexual Abuse


Criminology | Criminology and Criminal Justice

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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