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May 2023

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The music composed during World War II has been the subject of many concert programs in the classical music world. The music offers a poignant look into the human condition during a worldwide crisis and serves to capture the sentiments of the various cultures of the region during this time. One compelling musical perspective is from Polish nationals during WWII, who maintained a particularly fervent grasp on their national culture even while many were displaced and suppressed by the Nazi regime. This document will look at the flute compositions of three Polish nationals who wrote during this era, focusing on an analysis of these works in terms of their nationalist influences.Polish music is becoming a more popular topic in the classical music canon due to the works of Chopin, Wieniawski and Lutoslawski. However, there are still many Polish composers who are unknown to the average western classical musician and enthusiast. The analysis of these lesser-known works will provide flute players and scholars with exposure to lesser-known repertoire and insight into the unique musical language of Polish composers. One commonality between the three pieces is their compositional genre - all three pieces are titled Sonatina for Flute and Piano. Each of the three composers were in a different place during the composition of their Sonatina. Only Kilar was in Poland at the time of his composition in 1951. Kassern left for the United States and Tansman moved to France. Each of these composers had a unique path of their lives, both because of the War and also because they were living in very different countries. Despite this, their musical style never lost its root in Polish nationalism.


Flute; Kassern; Kilar; Polish; Sonatina; Tansman



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