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May 2023

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Occupational Therapy Doctorate


Brain Health

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Donnamarie Krause

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Jefferson Kinney

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There is a gap in current literature which describes the effects of yoga-based exercise on the physical health, mental health, and well-being among adults with Down syndrome (Ds). In addition, there is limited research available which describes the impact these effects may have on participation in everyday occupations. Individuals with Ds are living longer lives and will require evidence-based occupational therapy (OT) interventions to ensure healthy growth, development across the lifespan, and ability to participate in meaningful occupations as they age. The current project explores the process of writing a National Institutes of Health R03 grant application that includes a specific methodology which can be used to determine the physical and mental health effects of participation in a novel yoga-based OT program among adults with Ds. Future research must be conducted to ensure the availability of safe and effective evidence-based interventions for occupational therapists who work within this population to ensure clients’ optimal participation in occupations and to prevent disparity in health outcomes.


Occupational Therapy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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