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Hotel Administration

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In recent years, there has been a shifting trend of music’s use in hotels. Hotel companies are now using music to enhance their servicescapes at their individual properties. Hotel companies such as Hyatt, Omni, Hilton and Starwood hotels are strategically using music to enhance their servicescapes while others simply sit on the sideline failing to see music’s strategic value (Torrini, 2006). W hotels even ventured a step further by hiring a Director of Music to strategically utilize music to enhance the hotel servicescape. This professional paper details the placement of music in public areas of hotels in Miami Beach, Florida. A literature review was conducted on the musicscape of hotels in general and music’s placement in the hotel servicescape. Data was collected to gather a more intuitive understanding of current trends in the hotel musicscape. A sample of 35 hotels in Miami Beach were used to collect data on the presence of music in specific locations within each hotel. Locations within a hotel were observed to determine the presence or lack of presence of music. Based on the data collected, an analysis was conducted to determine hotels utilizing music in each location and general trends that occurred. Additional analysis was completed dependent on the size of the property, guest satisfaction levels, and property’s star rating. Implications and opportunities will be discussed for practitioners and academia.


Ambient music; Florida – Miami Beach; Hospitality industry; Hotels; Music


Hospitality Administration and Management

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