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The objective of this case study is to determine the cost difference between using a conventional type of inventory system in the operating room versus using a pack system in the operating room. In this study three different ways of delivering disposables for a laminectomy procedure were considered: 1) multiple distributors of disposables, 2) single distributor of disposables, and 3) the pack system (CDS by Medline). The first comparison was of multiple distributors vs. a single distributor with a cost difference of $90.08 per procedure and $18,916.80 annually, multiple distributor costing less. The second comparison was between Medline as a single distributor and Medline’s CDS pack system; with a cost difference of $250.13 per procedure and $52,527.30 annually, CDS pack system costing less. The third comparison was of multiple distributors vs. Medline’s CDS pack system, with differences of $167.04 per procedure and annual differences of $35,078.40, CDS pack system costing less. Another way that the CDS benefits the hospital is that funds normally tied up in inventory are now available for use in other areas. In a report given to the hospital administration, the reduced inventory has made $50,000.00 available for other uses.


Inventory control; Operating rooms – Equipment and supplies; Surgical instruments and apparatus – Costs;


Public Administration | Surgery

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