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There is an increasing trend in the private sector to provide development opportunities to employees which include more than on-the-job or skills-based training. These programs are often referred to as “corporate universities.” Clark County is currently attempting to transform its training program to apply “corporate university” concepts to the development of its public sector employees. The purpose of this paper is to examine the planning conducted by the county’s program development team, and to determine if the now-implemented program is reaching its target audience, achieving its goals, and being evaluated correctly. Research for this paper was conducted through a review of the current literature, review of the procedures used by the development team, observation as a facilitator in the process, and analysis of class evaluations. The data collected indicate that while program content and processes do not strictly match those of “corporate universities” in the private sector, Clark County may have developed an equally effective equivalent. Although outcomes of the program are difficult to evaluate, participant response to the program is extremely positive.


Career development; Career education; County officials and employees; Employees – Training of; Nevada – Clark county


Public Administration | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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