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This study is a preliminary analysis of the socio-economic impact of casino gaming in Mesquite, Nevada. Mesquite is being studied from this perspective in order to provide policymakers with information that will aid in the determination of public policy relevant to and in conjunction with casino gaming activity. A combination of site visits to the area and interviews with casino executive personnel and relevant law enforcement was conducted for the purposes of gathering information for this study. Three police departments (Mesquite, Nevada, Cedar City, Utah and St. George, Utah) were interviewed to determine the crime rate in jurisdiction. Relevant data has been provided by each department, which indicates the rate of Part I and Part II for their respective communities. Additionally, visitor volume and demographics of the gambling population in Mesquite have been provided by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (see Exhibits A and B, respectively). Information relevant to the revenue produced in the Mesquite, Nevada area because of the gambling activity has been provided by the Nevada State Gaming Control Board (Exhibit C). A combination of a literature review and demographics provided by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority, was used to provide information relevant to the social issue of compulsive gaming. Issues relevant to the quality-of-life of local resident’s as a result of the implementation of, and increase in, casino gaming in Mesquite, Nevada, have been provided in this study through the use of a comparative model. A study conducted in Cripple Creek, Colorado was used for this purpose due to that community’s introduction of casino gaming into a “small, rural, community,” similar to Mesquite, Nevada. This study is the first of its kind for the area. It is not comprehensive in nature. The study's findings, as discussed in the SUMMARY, and the recommendations, discussed in the CONCLUSION, are based upon this and prior studies on the subject of casino gaming. It is recommended that additional studies on crime and compulsive gaming be conducted to determine what, if any changes, are occurring in these areas as the activity of casino gaming continues or increases in Mesquite, Nevada. Relevant findings (SUMMARY, Chapter 4) confirm the social and economic benefit of the casino gaming activity in Mesquite, Nevada.


Casinos – Economic aspects; Casinos – Social aspects; Colorado – Cripple Creek; Gambling and crime; Gambling industry; Nevada – Mesquite


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration

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