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Theft in the workplace, specifically performed by the employees, is a daunting situation for American business - both corporate and small proprietorships. This paper calls upon available literature to provide an in-depth analysis that focuses on employee's motive to steal from their employer and the potential proactive solutions organizations can implement to deter theft by improving morale and trust in the workplace. The topic will be examined from a linear fashion that looks at the concept of employee theft and common motivational determinants such as employer resentment, animosity, and the perception of fairness. Next, numerous organizations have adopted theft detection methods and ethics programs, all implemented in the theory of reducing theft in the workplace. Understanding the employee's motive and proactive solutions that would attempt to reduce theft in the workplace is the highlight. This project will then focus on future research and various constraints associated with analyzing this topic. Finally, this paper will be summarized with potential suggestions geared towards executives and managers.


Employee morale; Employee motivation; Employee theft – Prevention


Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management