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Color has a very strong influence in the hospitality industry. How much thought has been given to food choices because of color, and how influential is that on customers’ satisfaction of a food product? Staff that prepares food must understand how color and taste work together through presentation and eye appeal to create the WOW factor since customers eat with their eyes first. People associate different foods with different colors. When this perception changes it often has a detrimental effect on the customer’s perception of how that food should taste. Scientific information was gathered on the history of food, the sensory perception of taste, and environmental color design. The information was synthesized to develop a course on how color affects food choices of hospitality foodservice customers. The course will allow students to experience lectures, hands-on taste testing and classroom experimentation. The goal is to help hospitality industry employees develop a better insight into the world of taste. The importance of understanding the effect color has on food choices is paramount to hospitality industry employees. The application of the new found knowledge will allow students to develop a keener sense of why color affects food choices made by hospitality foodservice customers.


Color of food; Consumer satisfaction; Food presentation; Hospitality industry; Taste


Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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