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Disneyland is an American amusement park located in Anaheim, California, owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company. On July 18, 1955 the park was first opened to the public (Absolute Astronomy, 2009). Tourists come from all over the world to experience Disneyland not only for theme park, but also for its well-known quality of service, proven time and again by returning visitors. Behind the Disney World being the first, Disneyland is the second most visited park in the world having more than 14,800,000 visitors (TEA and ERA, 2008). Korea is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia and tourists come to Korea with high expectations. However, Korea lacks to have a well-known attraction famous for its customer service that attracts foreign guests. Similar to Disneyland, Korea has its own theme park Everland. Everland was opened in 1976 in Kyonggi-Do, Korea, and is ranked as the 10th theme park in the world having 7,200,000 visitors in 2007 and is known for using their own characters and service strategies (TEA and ERA, 2008). Even though Everland attracts many visitors, it fails to deliver essential customer service and brand recognition. In order to become a well known amusement park, Everland will need to look through Disneyland’s service strategy and understand how it attracts more guests, and develop a new service strategy.


Amusement parks – Marketing; Customer service; Disney Parks; LLC; Korea


Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Recreation Business

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