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In an extension of research demonstrating the effects of an upbeat and positive attitude in customer service interactions, the experiment and case studies examined in this paper identified evidence in support of displaying a positive behavior during customer service interactions. In the experiment, casino table game dealers were identified that exuded a consistent upbeat and positive attitude. These dealers were compared to other dealers who were inconsistent in their behavior. The experiment revealed that dealers, who engaged customers with a positive attitude, earned more in tipped income. In a series of case studies, service surveys were taken from customers that experienced a normal wait for service at counter service areas and in receiving beverage service. Those customers who experienced a normal wait, but received service from an upbeat and positive employee, rated the interaction better than or equal to service received in a timely manner. It is clear when customer service employees perform their duties with an upbeat and positive attitude, have the ability to affect certain aspects of customer service interactions.


Casinos – Employees – Attitudes; Consumer satisfaction; Customer service


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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