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This case study found that from May through July 2010 most reports from Gulf area hospitality providers noted a significant drop in tourism revenue due to the BP oil spill. During this period, anecdotal accounts from business owners in the area described a sales decrease of 50% or more in some tourist spots. A University of Southern Mississippi study found that for that state alone non-gaming hotels experienced a 50% drop in sales with a total factored direct/indirect shortfall of $119,400. A Moody’s report, released in July, calculated the economic damage to tourism for that period to be $1.2 billion. Since the leak ended in mid-July, and not August as the report predicted, the actual prorated loss totals $900 million to the area tourism industry. The results of a Rasmussen Reports poll, released in July 2010, revealed that 66% of respondents stated that they would not change their future travel plans due to the spill. A follow-up study is required as at the time of writing a limited amount of economic impact data was available.


BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill; 2010; Tourism – Economic aspects


Hospitality Administration and Management

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