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This paper presents different ways in which stereotyping affects service in the hospitality industry. Specifically the food service industry, this sector is where interaction between guest and employee is the entire experience. Stereotyping a guest happens in a number of different ways. The negative stereotypes that are associated with guests are what effects the type of service a guest receives. When a guest is unhappy with customer service the point of the whole experience is diminished. Finding a way in which to reduce the amount of negative stereotypes associated with guests is critical in improving service and guest satisfaction. Having satisfied guests is the lifeblood of the food service industry. Guests that frequent the restaurant keep the restaurant in business. In order to keep guests satisfied customer service needs to be unbiased. Having unbiased service means equal treatment for every single guest. Through implementing methods of training into organizations there is a way in which to succeed. The training methods teach employees to make more positive perceptions of guests, giving them more time to focus on customer service.


Consumer satisfaction; Customer service; Hospitality industry – Employees – Attitudes; Stereotypes (Social psychology)


Hospitality Administration and Management

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