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Hotel Administration

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Targeting the correct customer is one of the most important components to owning and running a successful company. To have a great product that is marketed to the wrong customer, will result in lost profits and missed opportunities.

Over the last 20 years Las Vegas has seen two drastic changes in its target customer and visitor demographics. By the late 1980’s gaming revenue in Las Vegas was down as other areas in the country started to legalize gambling. In an attempt to stimulate visitor numbers the city was reinvented in the image of Disney. Themed hotels such as the Luxor and Excalibur emerged allowing Las Vegas to market itself as a place for adults to gamble while their children played at theme parks such as the one built by the MGM Grand.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current visitor demographics of the Las Vegas market, to determine whether or not these customers are the best type of customers to maximize hotel profits.


Gambling industry – Marketing; Market segmentation; Nevada – Las Vegas; Target marketing; Tourism – Marketing


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing

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