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Master of Science in Hotel Administration


Hotel Administration

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The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of greening in the U.S. hotel sector. Much of the existing research on the topic of greening is relegated to the European and Asian hotel sectors. Within the literature review, the paper will examine what industry leaders and scholars have reported about the progress of greening in the global sector. Given the scant research domestically, the paper will attempt to generalize some of the findings to the situation in the U.S. hotel sector. The paper’s methodology section will build on European research on greening and develop a blueprint for U.S. hotels to measure their environmental impact and reveal ways they may have addressed it within their operations. A proposed questionnaire, if distributed to property-level general managers, may provide an indication of the extent greening has caught on in the U.S. hotel sector. This paper will contribute to the existing body of research and provide insight as to why some hoteliers have adopted green programs, while others have failed to do so.


Hotels – Energy consumption; Hotels – Environmental aspects; United States


Hospitality Administration and Management | Sustainability

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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