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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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Many companies unrelated or semi-related to travel and tourism have found their niche within the hospitality and tourism industry. Companies who primarily focus on fashion, retail, weddings, outdoor adventure, real estate, sports and entertainment have successfully negotiated space to promote their products and services to hospitality and tourism clientele. This can be seen at the many resorts and casinos that have retail shops in their facilities as well as golf courses, restaurants and clubs that market directly to and make their profits from hospitality patrons. This complimentary mix makes up the diverse experience travelers encounter. To narrow the focus of the study it seeks to identify specific marketing and sales opportunities within travel and tourism. The results of the study will identify ways that a company can market their goods and services within the hospitality industry.


Advertising; Hospitality industry; Market segmentation; Target marketing; Tourism; Travel


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Sales and Merchandising | Tourism and Travel




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