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Spring 2008

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Hotel Administration

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This is a case study of the Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism initiative: planning began in 2005 and development began in 2008. This initiative resulted from the perceived need to create local employment, provide incentives to continue the culture and language of the Cherokee people, develop social and political good will in and outside of the Cherokee Nation area, enhance the brand of Cherokee Nation gaming and develop long term capacity in entertainment marketing. The opportunities identified included stimulating and reaching higher end Cherokee art and crafts market, encouraging development of more culturally authentic and fine Cherokee arts and craft, offering incentives to use and teach the Cherokee language, supporting and expanding small Cherokee businesses such as art studios, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, travel tours, and environmental tours, renovating of historic buildings, providing Cherokee educational experience to visitors, developing a clearer understanding and appreciation of Cherokee history and culture for both Cherokees and non-Cherokees, and accruing social and political capital by teaching the larger community and population about the value and contribution of the Cherokee Nation and people. Cultural tourism designed and executed by the Cherokee Nation is an opportunity to achieve a vision to increase the quality of life for Cherokees, their neighbors and the progeny of the entire Cherokee Nation.


Cherokee art; Cherokee Indians; Gambling on Indian reservations; Heritage tourism; Marketing


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Tourism

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