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The City of Las Vegas (CLV) has recently adopted several new plans and elements requiring the creation of more pedestrian friendly and cluster development communities. The City of Las Vegas’ 2020 Master Plan requires pedestrian friendly neighborhoods in newly developing areas by stating, “The importance of creating neighborhoods that are walkable and sustainable and which foster a sense of community must be key elements of our newly developing areas”. (CLV Master Plan 2020, October 2000, p. 47) Also, in neighborhood revitalization areas the City requires “That new commercial development be designed in a walkable and non-vehicular friendly manner, providing shelter from sun and wind, with outdoor seating areas and other amenities and parking areas located away from the street”. (CLV Master Plan 2020, October 2000, p. 42) With the emphasis being placed on walkable communities and the use of the sidewalks, not only is it important to construct sidewalks as linking pedestrian corridors, but also to keep new and existing sidewalks in good repair. In order to support the implementation of the City of Las Vegas 2020 Master Plan and the future of the City as a walkable community, the City is in need of a cost effective and enforceable policy for the maintenance and repair of damaged sidewalks.


Nevada – Las Vegas; Sidewalks – Maintenance and repair


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Policy | Social Policy | Urban Studies and Planning

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