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Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy


Marriage and Family Therapy

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Katherine Hertlein, Chair

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Gerald Weeks

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Markie Blumer

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Larry Ashley

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The purpose of this study was to examine the addiction assessment procedures of marriage and family therapists. Addiction prevalence rates are growing therefore it is likely that marriage and family therapists will have clients affected by addiction. Undetected addictions can impede treatment and/or prevent the therapist from making appropriate treatment related decisions. Marriage and family therapists in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico were invited to complete a web-based survey containing a series of questions about their assessment procedures for addiction as well as a series of demographics questions. The data from the completed surveys was collected and analyzed. The data analysis focused on frequencies of answers as well as a comparison of the actual data with the expected data. The data analysis provided information that did not support either of the hypotheses. The results of this study showed the participants are routinely assessing their clients for addictions and are utilizing both formal and informal assessment techniques.


Addiction; Assessment; Couples therapy; Marriage and family therapy; Southwest; New; Substance abuse – Treatment


Counseling Psychology | Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Substance Abuse and Addiction

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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