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Existing literature has shown that effective branding/ re-branding can positively impact customer purchase preferences and intentions, satisfaction and loyalty and a firm’s financial performance. Building on these links, this paper investigated if there was a significant improvement in the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre’s guest satisfaction (OSAT) and financial performance after its rebranding. Paired-samples analyses were conducted on the hotel’s pre- and post-rebranding guest satisfaction, occupancy, average daily rates (ADR), revenue per available room (RevPAR), revenue and net operating profit (NOP). Overall, the results revealed that after the rebranding, HISOCC’s occupancy and RevPAR increased significantly; ADR and OSAT reflected non-significant increases; while NOP reflected a non-significant decrease. The non-significant results may be explained by anomalous performance in key hotel operational areas and slow demand during Lunar Chinese New Year in the post-rebranding period. While this paper only analyzed one rebranding case study, it is noted that the results do provide support to the existing literature on branding/rebranding, guest satisfaction and loyalty, and financial performance. More empirical studies that analyze hotels’ performance over longer time periods post-rebranding, the inter-relationships between the constructs of hotel brand equity, satisfaction and financial performance, and other extraneous factors are recommended to deepen the understanding on the impact of rebranding on guest satisfaction and financial performance.


Branding (Marketing); Consumer satisfaction; Customer loyalty; Holiday Inns; Inc; Hospitality industry; Hotels; Singapore


Finance and Financial Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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