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This exploratory paper begins by examining the influence of complimentary in-room internet access on hotel selection by business travelers to Singapore. Review of literature includes studies done in Asia Pacific, Europe and United States (U.S.) of America on the business travelers’ trends and perceptions of room amenities and the use of internet. The specific objective of this study is, therefore, to assess the importance and benefits of providing complimentary in-room internet access to business travelers in the perspective of the hotels.

In the methodology section, research on hotel websites was conducted to discover how many Singapore hotels are presently offering complimentary internet access to their guests. In addition, personal communications with three industry professionals has helped to align why hotels should offer complimentary internet access as opposed to charging for it. Overall, the findings in this professional paper have identified many positive reasons for hotels to provide complimentary in-room internet access to business travelers.

While this paper only analyzed literature review and three personal communications, it is recommended that more in-depth studies and research to be conducted to affirm the importance and impact of providing complimentary internet access on business travelers. It is also highly recommended that future studies should ideally include interviews with industry professionals to provide a more in-depth view. Surveys on business travelers coming to and leaving Singapore could also provide a good indication of their expectations and needs when they choose a hotel in Singapore.


Consumers' preferences; Hospitality industry; Hotels; Internet service providers; Singapore


Advertising and Promotion Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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