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The Internet has changed the face of purchasing and customer behaviour over the last decade or so. Traditional concepts of marketing must be reviewed and businesses must be ready to fully embrace the online marketplace. The hotel industry is no different and evidently, has much to gain from this new medium with online sales figures climbing annually (Carroll & Sileo, 2007; PhoCusWright, 2006).

Studies have shown that more and more consumers are moving towards the Internet to find their products and services and ultimately making the purchase online (Starkov & Price, 2003). Singaporeans make for interesting subjects in this area, especially for hotel reservations, as they have shown on a global scale that they are highly receptive to buying online (ACNielsen, 2005). The conditions are ideal for hotels targeting their marketing on Singaporeans due to the excellent Internet and broadband access infrastructure available throughout the island (Teo, 2002). This is cushioned by the fact that Singaporeans, especially the young, middle-income group, love travelling and have the money to spend (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2005). The outlook gets better as according to the Ministry of Manpower (2007), the average monthly nominal earnings per employee have been rising steadily annually. That is more disposable income for travelling.


Disposable income; Hospitality industry; Hotels — Reservation systems; Middle class; Singapore; Travel


Hospitality Administration and Management | Technology and Innovation

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