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In this day and age when directors of companies are found to be corrupt and governments are not void of graft and bribes, it is not a wonder that people would question the integrity of both companies and governments. Many cities in the world have decided to build mega resorts with gaming facilities for the purpose of economic development that includes employment and tourism. The aim of this study therefore is to contrast and compare the ethical issues and implications of the decisions made not only by the Singapore government but other governments of the US, Macau, the Bahamas and Australia to open casino-based resorts in their countries. In addition to also determine if the decision to legalize and build the Integrated Resorts in Singapore was for the greater good and therefore ethical.


Gambling – Law and legislation – Moral and ethical aspects; Resorts; Singapore


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Other Business




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