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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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Billy Bai, Chair

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This paper examined the process of service rebranding through various studies of corporate rebranding and service branding. This paper used exploratory case study to gain insight of an actual service rebranding of a business luxury class hotel, Royal Plaza on Scotts. Information from in-dept interviews with the Marketing and Brand Director was used to understand the various elements of the service rebranding process. The study showed that the actual service brand revitalisation of the hotel involved a combination of elements in the corporate rebranding and service branding processes. The study showed that the process of making changes to service brand was complicated and required substantial amount of human, time and financial resources in the planning and implementation. The success of service rebranding required all staff and functional units of the organisation to share and exhibit the new service brand values.


Branding (Marketing); Hotels; Luxuries


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Hospitality Administration and Management | International Business | Marketing




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