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The Muslim world population survey conducted in 2005 found that Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, both through birth and adoption. There were 2 billion Muslims scatted around 148 countries and the figures are rising each day. It is estimated that by 2010, the Muslim population will exceed 3 billion (Evans, 2005). The recorded growth rate for Muslim population is as follows: the Europe Muslim population of around 25 million increased at a rate of 140% over the past 10 years, America’s by 25%, Australia’s by 250% and Asia’s increased by 12% over the same period. The healthy growth rate among Muslim population represents an increasing demand for halal products in the market. The definition of halal is included in glossary. Global food investors are now shifting their attention to halal food production and delivery to gain a greater market share in the halal industry.

Previous studies completed by scholars concentrated on issues among the consumers and traders, perceptions of halal definitions and certifications on halal food products. Actual halal practice within the food industry has rarely been discussed.


Food service; Halal food industry; Muslims; Supply and demand


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