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Hotel Atlet Century Park (HACP) is a government owned hotel located in the sports district in central Jakarta, Indonesia. The hotel was opened in November 1991 and is operated by PT. Lingga Hamparan Krida (PT. LHK), a private company. The hotel occupies 1.7 hectares of land and was formerly a dormitory for Indonesian athletes. With 17 stories and 600 rooms, it was indeed a large dormitory. When the government encountered difficulties in managing such a large dormitory, PT. LHK approached the government to discuss the possibility of converting the dormitory into a three-star hotel. The decision of PT. LHK to operate a hotel was based on the dormitory’s prime location in the CBD area of central Jakarta, surrounded by high end corporate offices, and the relatively few hotels of a similar standard available in Jakarta in 1990. Jakarta's economic growth was 8.89% in 1989 and 8.24% in 1990 (Mintaredja, 1992), indicating an important opportunity for hotel expansion.

The focus of this research will be to describe and analyze the strategic and operational decisions made by the management of HACP. A marketing management approach will be used to explain and analyze the decisions and policies made by HACP management to serve the two distinct markets, social and commercial, in the same location. The specific objectives of the research are to examine the marketing practices implemented by HACP, evaluate its market positioning, and analyze the marketing performance of HACP on the two identified market segments.


Hotel management; Hotels – Marketing; Indonesia – Jakarta


Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Other Business

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