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Master of Arts in Ethics and Policy Studies


Political Science

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Mark J. Lutz, Chair

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Kenneth Fernandez

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Michele Kuenzi

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David Forman

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This study explored the attitudes of political and civic engagement among Asian American college students. Previous research suggests that young people are increasingly more inclined to participate in civic activities over traditional forms of political participation. The researcher considered this trend by examining the views of Asian American students, a group whose political behavior has not been largely investigated.

This study employed a qualitative research design. Students from public institutions of higher education in Las Vegas were interviewed using an in-depth and semi-structured format. Findings suggest that there is a general willingness to become involved in civic activity such as volunteering, but there are several obstacles to political participation. It is not clear whether increased involvement in civic engagement will evolve to include politics.


Asian American students – Political activity; College students – Political activity; Political participation


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Research | Ethics and Political Philosophy | Models and Methods | Political Science | Political Theory | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity