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Recreation user fees and facility rental fees provide sources of revenue for the City that comes directly from the beneficiary of the service instead of from the general fund. The term user fee will be used in this analysis and will refer to all types of fees and use charges paid by participants using recreation services or facilities.

There were four objectives for this analysis. The first was to determine if any Parks and Recreation Departments in the Las Vegas Valley had current revenue policies and to collect and compare user fees in the Las Vegas Valley against Boulder City user fees. The City’s Parks and Recreation Director had an interest to see what others in the Vegas Valley were doing as compared to Boulder City.

The second objective was to assist in organizing the City’s data for comparison and analysis. The third objective was to research other models for revenue policies for the City’s use. The fourth objective was to provide recommendations on user fees.


Local finance; Nevada – Boulder City; Nevada – Las Vegas Valley; Urban parks — Fees; User charges


Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration

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