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The City of Las Vegas operates a municipal detention facility, primarily housing offenders who have committed misdemeanor crimes within the 130 square miles of the Las Vegas City limits. Similar to many jurisdictions, within the State of Nevada, but also across the Country, the offender population is on the rise. The City’s inmate population has grown steadily at a rate of 10%, annually, for five years. This trend, when calculated as a future projection, suggests the City must be prepared for the misdemeanant population to swell from its current daily average of 1144 to more than 3000 inmates by the year 2020. With the facility already near capacity, the expenditure of significant capital funds is inevitable, as the organization prepares for this anticipated growth and strives to ensure the conditions of confinement remain legally acceptable.


Nevada – Las Vegas; Prisons — Overcrowding


Law Enforcement and Corrections | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration




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