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Spring 2009

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Public Administration

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Christopher Stream, Chair

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For more than a decade, Clark County, Nevada was the fastest growing county in the nation and its government (and government services) rapidly expanded in an attempt to keep pace with the ever-increasing needs of County residents. In 1996, Clark County Human Resources (CCHR) endeavored to improve its managerial efficiency by reducing its number of position classifications and succeeded in collapsing some 1100 job classes down to 500. As the population boom continued well into the new millennium, the County was operating largely from a reactive position and experienced yet another spike in classifications; this time reaching 765 job classes for 7911 County employees. Jesse Hoskins, the new director of CCHR, entered into a partnership with the UNLV MPA program to explore options on how to effectively reduce position classifications. Looking to create a possible template that later could be applied to other Clark County job families, the UNLV MPA Team was tasked with evaluating the County's most populous job family - Administrative Support/Clerical - that comprises 20% of the County's total workforce and spans all units. A wide range of comparative research was conducted on target jurisdictions at the federal, state, and local levels, after which the findings were compiled and analyzed. The Team also reviewed and assessed all 32 of the unique job classes in the Administrative Support/Clerical job family to determine how they might best be condensed. The Team's primary recommendation to CCHR is to implement a Track Continuum System - or something similar - to streamline its position classifications. This system would allow for a 78% class reduction in the Administrative Support/Clerical job family; down from 32 to 7 job designations along four tracks (Administrative, Financial, Legal, and Executive Assistant). The proposed change to CCHR's current classification system would promote increased internal managerial efficiency and greater organizational flexibility.


Civil service; Local officials and employees; Nevada – Clark County; Occupations — Classification


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