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In January 2009, a four-member team of University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Department of Public Administration students set out to evaluate the effectiveness of HopeLink, a transitional housing program in Henderson, Nevada. The research team was tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of the agency and assisting the Committee on Homelessness in deciding future funding allocations. This paper provides our review and analysis, including program strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for future program and funding improvements.

According to the 2007 U.S. Census, there are approximately 11,000 homeless people in Clark County, Nevada, with 75% of those utilizing transitional housing programs, compared to a national average of 55%. The fact that Clark County had a higher percentage of homeless people using transitional housing programs made the research team aware of the importance of transitional housing agencies and their success rates in this community. HopeLink's transitional housing program helps homeless families ~ mainly women and children who become dispossessed as a result of domestic violence situations ~ achieve positive housing outcomes.

A review of current and closed client files, followed with statistical analyses, staff interviews, an attempt to survey clients, and a literature review, provided the research team with information that led to both quantitative and qualitative findings and seven recommendations to assist the agency improve upon its successes. The primary recommendation is to continue the funding of this agency and, if possible, increase funding. There is one case manager who is responsible for 26 families at any given time. The dedication and effort she puts forth is a key to the success the agency has achieved thus far, and we believe that additional resources would allow for further improvements. Additional recommendations are to increase emphasis on client training, establish standard criteria for program acceptance, and utilize volunteers. We also provide recommendations on improving the efficacy of the HMIS system.


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