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Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing



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Rosemary Witt

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Lori Candela

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The purposes of this paper are to: (a) present the strategies and rationale for creation of a middle range nursing theory that is specific to nursing education, (b) to determine if propositions of the model are valid and appropriate to support further research based on the student-centered education model, and (c) to conduct initial research on the created environment of nursing students, which is one of two the primary constructs of the nursing education model. Use of the Neumans Systems Nursing Education Model (NSNEM), a student centered educational model, which is consistent with the Neumans System Model (NSM) provided the theoretical framework for creating initial research methods and empirical testing methods that allowed for further exploration of the concepts of the created environment and prevention as intervention in relation to the nursing education period of pre-licensure nursing students. The NSNEM focuses on the increasing complexity encountered in nursing education and nursing academia. Further, the NSNEM provided additional insights and clarity regarding the unique and symbiotic relationship that must be cultivated between nursing educators and nursing students in order for students to achieve successful outcomes in today’s nursing education programs.


Curriculum planning; Education; Higher; Model; Neumans System Model; Nursing – Study and teaching; Nursing students; Student-centered learning; Systems; Theory


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