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Executive Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership

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Teresa S. Jordan, Chair

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Bob McCord

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Sterling Hilton

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Deborah Vestegen

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Anna Lukemeyer

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There has not been an equity study of the public school funding allocation system, in the state of Utah, since 1990. The purpose of the study was to conduct an analysis of the equity of the Utah state funding allocation system for K-12 education including a trend analysis for the decade 2000-2009. The conceptual framework for the analysis applies four broad concepts of equity framed by Kern Alexander; (1) communitative equity, (2) distributive equity, (3) restitutive equity, and (4) positivism. The analysis of the Utah State funding system used Berne and Stiefel's methodology and included commonly used statistical measures of equity. The findings of the study revealed that Utah did not meet the commonly used standards for horizontal equity or fiscal neutrality. While vertical equity was addressed in the current funding formula the allocation level was not sufficient to meet research-based suggested levels of funding for the differentiated needs of disadvantaged students.


Education – Finance; Education policy; Educational equalization; Equity; Finance; Low-income students; Policy; Public schools – Finance; Utah


Educational Administration and Supervision | Education Policy | Finance and Financial Management | Inequality and Stratification




The August 2011 date of award in the manuscript is a typo.