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Master of Science in Construction Management


Construction Management

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David R. Shields, Co-Chair

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Pramen P. Shrestha, Co-Chair

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Neil D. Opfer

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Nancy N. Menzel

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It is a common and widely held belief that the greatest influencing factor for high school students to enter an architecture-, construction-, or engineering-education program is because either their parents, relatives or friends work or have worked in the industry. However, there is little research that supports this belief. The focus of this research was to analyze characteristics and academic interests of Clark County School District (CCSD) Career and Technical Academies (CATA) students enrolled in architecture, construction and engineering (ACE) curricula.

This research analyzed data collected from a survey conducted by CCSD of their students enrolled in ACE courses. Comprehensive descriptive statistics of the survey population were developed. The research analyzed the relationship between CATA students with their academic interest, academic performance, family member's employment, and post-baccalaureate pay. Also, the students' future plans regarding further community college or university ACE education or direct entry into the workforce were analyzed.


Academic; Architecture – Vocational guidance; Construction – Vocational guidance; Engineering – Vocational guidance; High school students; High schools; Student interests


Education | Engineering | Sociology