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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Douglas Unger, Chair

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Dave Hickey

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Timothy Erwin

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Joseph A. Fry

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Monarchs in Love and Other Stories is a collection of nine short stories. These stories are structurally and tonally heterogeneous, and it is this heterogeneity of form that emerges as the collection's central concern. Present are stories which borrow other forms' organizational conceits (the almanac entries of "Excerpts from the Dwarf-Monger's Handbook"), stories which arrange themselves around arbitrary organizational conceits (the order of the letters of the alphabet in "26 Characters"), and stories which employ radically traditional formal models ("Blind Boy and Mammoth.") Present are stories narrated in the first-person point-of-view ("For a Walk," "Harem Girls"), stories narrated in the second-person point-of-view ("Excerpts from the Dwarf-Monger's Handbook,"), stories narrated in the third-person point of view ("Air, Elegy"), and stories which develop forms that utilize more than one style of point-of-view narration (second-person-singular and third-person-plural perspectives in "Monarchs in Love.") Present are works of magical realism ("In the Walrus Colony"), historical fantasy ("Excerpts from the Dwarf-Monger's Handbook"), historical realism ("Air, Elegy"), and contemporary realism ("In the Palace of the Moon Sultan," "For a Walk"). In short, Monarchs in Love and Other Stories attempts to explore as fully as possible the short story's spectrum of form. As a collection, it hopes to make a virtue of its range.


Fiction; Short stories


Creative Writing | Literature in English, British Isles