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Since the adoption of the Government Performance and Result Act of 1993, the same demand for accountability placed upon government agencies is also expected in the nonprofit sector (Poister, 2003). Also fueling the need for dependable nonprofit performance data, is the current economic environment where funding is scarce or non-existent. Along with providing routine information and services, developing a competent website to collect and make available performance data for stakeholders and patrons is a necessary practice in both the public and private sector. Nonprofit organizations fortunate enough to have functioning websites can maximize their potential by managing them as a data collection tool to assess effectiveness. However, websites must be designed to optimize their engagement capabilities to not only draw visitors to the site, but encourage repeat visits. The Las Vegas based nonprofit NevadaGIVES has invested significant resources into creating a comprehensive website to promote their mission of philanthropy. Currently the organization is planning a major e-philanthropic fundraising event, “Nevada Gives to the Max Day,” to be launched in November 2011. To produce a genuinely successful online event and to make the most of their investment, the organization must enhance their public interface capabilities. To improve end-user satisfaction NevadaGIVES must prioritize their commitment of time and resources to improving the website by taking advantage of readily accessible usability strategies that promote user experience or “UX.” Employing the four engagement factors: branding, content, functionality and usability in their website design will encourage repeat visits and build capacity for data collection.


Nonprofit organizations; Web sites


Communication | Mass Communication | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Policy History, Theory, and Methods | Social Influence and Political Communication | Social Work

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